Using IDEA Part C and 619 Data in the PDG 0-5 State Systems Needs Assessment Webinar

August 27, 2019

States awarded Preschool Development Grants B-5 (PDG B-5) are actively engaged in assessing the current needs for children and their families identified as vulnerable. States are taking a comprehensive approach to exploring needs and are tasked with bringing together key partners to strengthen the diversity of input and contributions to the process. The identification and inclusion of diverse data sources adds strong value to the assessment process. The IDEA 619 and Part C systems bring rich sources of data useful for states and communities in their continuous assessment and improvement processes.

This presentation highlights the types of data collected by states IDEA 619 and Part C and where the data is located. Discussion focuses on collaboration with state partners to integrate these sources into the broader state picture of how children and families are being supported. Included are suggestions for how the data can be used and analyzed for effective decision making.

Presented by Kathy Hebbeler, Christina Kazprzak, Grace Kelley, Haidee Bernstein, Debra Anderson, Jim Lesko, Debra Anderson, Ginger Elliott-Teague, and Jackie Adusumilli in August 2019

Webinar Recording
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