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Targeted Leadership TA Series

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 The Targeted Leadership TA Series featured interactive presentations, webinars, and topical discussion groups presented and facilitated by topical experts to help state coordinators (1) Identify and adapt your leadership style for maximum effectiveness, (2) Tap into individual motivators and strengths, (3) Adopt a growth mindset which will transform the way […]

Expanding Your Virtual Engagement Toolbox

June 15, 2021 Working hard to engage more people in virtual discussions about your data and decisions for your program? There are tools available to create a virtual environment where participants can be highly involved in data discussions. In this webinar for state clients and TA providers, DaSy shared: Best

What DaSy Can Do For You

June 21, 2021 In this webinar for Part C Coordinators, Part C Data Managers, and Part B 619 Coordinators, DaSy shared information about current and upcoming technical assistance opportunities, data-related activities, and supports available for your state’s Part C and Part B 619 programs, including: What new tools and resources we have to support your […]

Identification and Referral of Children with Deaf-Blindness

April 28, 2021 In this webinar, ECTA, ITCA and DaSy joined with NCDB to provide an overview of the Deaf-Blind TA Network and the unique opportunities that exist for inter-agency collaboration through training and technical assistance. In concert with NCDB, state deaf-blind projects provide technical assistance to help ensure that family members, early intervention providers, […]

Your Leadership Role in Implementing and Influencing Policy

December 14, 2020 This session focused on state leadership needed to proactively influence policy and its implementation and how to respond to policy implications resulting from federal and state changes. Speakers: Sharon Walsh, ECTA/DaSy; Deborah Ziegler, ECPC Webinar Presentation See also: Your Leadership Role in Implementing and Influencing Policy