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Improving the lives of young children through data


This Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC) brief highlights projects implemented in three states to integrate education, health, and/or social services data in order to inform policies that influence the lives of young children and their families. The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) funded KIDS COUNT organizations in the states of Mississippi (MS), Minnesota (MN), and […]

Preparing and Supporting Emerging Family Leaders

Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s 34th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Disabilities Date: October 2018 Presenters: Amy Nicholas, Stephanie Moss, Darla Gundler This session draws on the experiences of emerging family leaders and practitioners to uncover the challenges that early intervention and early childhood special education systems face with preparing and supporting families to […]

Perspectives from the Field About Building a Culture of Data Use

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Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s 34th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Disabilities Date: October 2018 Presenters: Denise Mauzy, Amy Nicholas This session features a panel of representatives from the field, including technical assistance providers and state leaders (administrator, practitioner, and family), to share their perspectives about building a systemic culture of data use. Panelists […]

Suspension and Expulsion in the Early Years: Using Data to Inform Continuous Improvement for Children with Disabilities

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This presentation contains information on the importance of early childhood suspensions and expulsions as this issue relates to child and student outcomes, particularly for children with disabilities. Participants will learn about applicable data, definitions of suspension and expulsion, and potential impacts on practice. Additionally, participants will learn how Arkansas and South Carolina are implementing policies […]

What Does It Really Cost Real Results from a State Fiscal Analysis Including Cost and Time Studies?

Cost studies explore all cost aspects of a state administration and local service delivery system. The data from a study supports informed decision-making related to reimbursement rates, purchasing priorities and equity in the funding mechanisms. This session will provide an overview of cost studies, focusing on the experience of a state presenter in implementing a […]

Getting Connected Including Part C and Part B 619 Data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS)

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Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) can connect data from Part C and 619 with data from other EC programs to help states and local programs make data-informed decisions. This presentation contains examples of states that have integrated these data and how to leverage existing resources and navigate conversations about data integration. Published by: DaSy […]

Evaluating PD Activities: Learning from State Examples

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Conference: OSEP Leadership Conference Date: July 2017 Presenters: Alan Phillips, Claudia Fabian, & Megan Cox This presentation introduces participants to the PD activities, evaluation questions and methods to illustrate how two states are using evaluation data to make decisions on next steps in implementation. View Evaluating PD Activities Presentation