Resources for Part C and Part B 619 state staff — including toolkits, learning modules, and the DaSy Framework — and information for families.

DaSy Toolkit

Toolkits & Guides

Comprehensive guidance, tools, and resource collections to support data systems and data use.
Topic Library

Topic Library

Curated collections of resources on selected topics of interest related to data systems.
DaSy Framework

DaSy Framework

Indicators and a self-assessment for states interested in building a high-quality IDEA data system.
DaSy Blog

Blog Posts

"Words to the Wise" and examples of how DaSy can support your data system work.
DaSy Publications


Reports and briefs developed by DaSy to support high quality state data systems.
DaSy Presentations


Slides and handouts from presentations by DaSy at national conferences.
State of the States

State of the States

Maps of national status of IDEA early childhood data systems for Part C and Part B.
DaSy Critical Questions

Critical Questions

What questions should a high-quality state data system be able to answer?
DaSy videos


Videos to help state agencies enhance data systems for Part C and Part B 619 data.
Online Learning Modules

Learning Modules

Resources for learning more about how to collect, analyze, and use early childhood data.
For Families

For Families

Are you a parent who wants to learn more about early childhood IDEA data?


What we mean when we use a term in our resources and the work we do with states.