Technical Assistance

DaSy Works with you…

to support state efforts to develop and enhance early childhood data systems.

The DaSy Center designs and delivers technical assistance (TA) for Part C early intervention and Part B 619 early childhood special education state staff, supporting their efforts to collect, report, and analyze high-quality data. We provide a continuum of TA for state staff and data managers from all US states and territories. This includes individualized TA in response to a state question or need, cross state TA available to a broader audience, and several small-group learning communities, including online communities offered through MyDaSyTA.

State personnel working with these programs are encouraged to contact their state liaison to inquire about our TA activities or request TA.

Although our TA is targeted for Part C and 619 state agencies, many of the activities such as conferences and webinars are open to anyone who is interested. Individuals and TA centers can also contact DaSy with questions related to our scope of work.

For more information, see our OSEP Early Childhood Technical Assistance Centers flyer.

Individualized TA

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The DaSy Center offers individualized TA to Part C early intervention and Part B 619 early childhood state staff related to the development or enhancement of coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems. Examples of individualized TA include:

  • Facilitating state leadership teams or stakeholder meetings related to data systems work
  • Consulting and problem-solving
  • Providing guidance by asking questions to promote reflection and decisions
  • Sharing information (e.g., literature, products) and resources from other states (e.g., existing forms/policies)
  • Providing feedback on state documents or materials being developed
  • Conducting training in support of the state’s data system

Based on the nature of the request, DaSy staff will collaborate with the staff from other national TA centers to provide comprehensive and coordinated technical assistance.

To inquire about DaSy’s TA activities or make a TA request, please find your state TA Liaison or contact DaSy.

Cross-State TA

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Each year, DaSy Center staff plan a variety of cross-state technical assistance activities designed to meet the needs of Part C early intervention and Part B 619 early childhood state staff. Cross-state resources and activities include:

Topics include data system literacy, data system development, data linkages, data governance, data use, fiscal data, SSIP, data visualization, confidentiality, stakeholder engagement, child outcomes, and more.