State Child Outcomes Measurement System (S-COMS) Framework and Self-Assessment

This framework developed by ECTA and DaSy identifies 7 key components of a high-quality child outcomes measurement system at the local level. The following resources were developed for local Part C and Part B 619/Preschool programs to evaluate and improve their child outcomes measurement system. Local program, as used throughout these documents, refers to a local/regional early intervention services program or a local educational agency or school district.

  • State Child Outcomes Measurement System Framework (S-COMS) (2017) – Contains background information and the framework’s 7 components, 18 quality indicators and their associated elements of quality. It provides an easy way to review the content of the S-COMS.
  • S-COMS Self-Assessment (2019) – An Excel-based tool that provides an automated scoring form for states to rate their child outcomes measurement system on the 18 quality indicators and associated elements and to set priorities for improvement.
  • S-COMS Self-Assessment Guide (2017)- Presents general guidance for the self-assessment process and detailed instructions on use of the Excel tool.

Published by: ECTA Center and DaSy Center