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Finance Glossary

This glossary contains terms relevant to finance for IDEA Part C and Part B, Section 619 programs. The terms include reference to IDEA and other related federal fiscal requirements as well as those specific to billing public and private insurance for IDEA services. Finance Glossary

Part C Data System Functions

The Part C Data System Functions resource contains a list of Part C data system functions designed to assist in developing and enhancing high-quality state data systems. The primary audiences for this document are Part C coordinators and data managers, data system project managers, technical staff supporting state data systems, and possibly state data system […]

IDEA Child Outcomes Highlights for FFY2019

Between FFY2018 and 2019 there were declines in the percentage of children making gains (Summary Statement 1) and those reaching age expectations (Summary statement 2) in Part C and the percentage of children reaching age expectations (Summary statement 2) in Preschool Part B. The percentage of children making gains (Summary Statement 1) in Part B Preschool held relatively steady from FFY2018 to FFY 2019. Reasons states have provided for declines in state performance include: changes to state data collection methods, data quality issues, and potential impacts of COVID-19. Further analyses are needed to understand this trend.

Breadth of the Three Child Outcomes

The three child outcomes, measured by early intervention and early childhood special education systems, encompass functional skills and behaviors that are meaningful for a child’s participation in everyday routines. They cut across developmental domains to represent the integrated nature of how children develop, learn, and thrive. The breadth of these outcomes provides a framework for […]

DaSy Part C Data Quick Reference Guide

This DaSy Part C Data Quick Reference Guide is to assist your staff in bringing important information about IDEA Part C data requirements into one document, along with links to relevant websites and resources. This resource can be used by Part C staff who are responsible for the collection, reporting, or