SPP/APR Checklists and Tips

The Part C and Part B SPP/APR checklists and tips have been developed to support states in annually preparing their SPP/APRs. The checklists are organized by indicator and the fields as they appear in the SPP/APR submission platform. This format will help states determine if all required fields have been completed. Tips are also provided to be sure all relevant instructions are addressed for each indicator. For Part B, preschool indicators B-6, B-7, B-12, and B-17 (if the SiMR is a preschool outcome) are included.

For an introduction to SPP/APR Essentials please access the SPP/APR modules: SPP/APR Basics, What you Need to Know. For more detailed information please access the current FFY 2021 SPP/APR package and the SPP/APR Universal Technical Assistance for FFY 2020-2025 found here: https://sites.ed.gov/idea/grantees/#SPP-APR,SPP-APR-Resources.

Intended audience: Part C Coordinators, Part C Data Managers, other Part C state staff responsible for the SPP/APR, 619 Coordinators, Part B Data Managers, other Part B state staff responsible for the SPP/APR

Checklists and tips are available for each of the following indicators:

If you have questions, your DaSy liaison can assist you, or contact DaSy anytime.

Published December 2022.