SPP/APR Basics, What You Need to Know

Access the modules: The SPP/APR Basics, What You Need to Know

The SPP/APR Basics, What You Need to Know training series is a collection of self-directed modules that provide a basic understanding of the IDEA Part C and Part B 619 State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) indicators and their requirements. Part C and Part B Section 619 coordinators and their staff are the target audience for the modules. However, a wide range of stakeholders who are interested in learning more about the SPP/APR requirements, including parents, may find the modules useful.

The training series includes the following modules:

  • Introduction: SPP/APR Essentials
  • C-1 Timely Services
  • C-2 Natural Environments
  • C-3/B-7 Early Childhood Outcomes
  • C-4 Family Outcomes
  • C-5 Child Find, Ages Birth to 1
  • C-6 Child Find, Ages Birth to 3
  • C-7 45-Day Timeline
  • C-8 Part C Early Childhood Transition
  • C-9 Dispute Resolution: Resolution Sessions
  • C-10 Dispute Resolution: Mediation Agreements
  • C-11/B-17 State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)
  • B-6 Preschool Environments
  • B-12 Early Childhood Transition

Each of the modules summarizes key points in the SPP/APR Measurement Tables, including a description of the indicator, its measurement, and reporting requirements. Each module includes additional information as needed, based on the indicator’s requirements, along with indicator-specific resources.

Access the modules: The SPP/APR Basics, What You Need to Know

Published January 2022.