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State Family Outcomes Measurement System (S-FOMS) Framework and Self-Assessment

This framework, originally developed by the Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO) Center, identifies 7 key components of a high-quality family outcomes measurement system at the state level. The following resources were developed for state Part C and Part B 619/Preschool programs to evaluate and improve their family outcomes measurement system.

  • State Family Outcomes Measurement System Framework (S-FOMS) – contains background information and the framework’s 7 components, 15 quality indicators and their associated elements of quality. It provides an easy way to review the content of the S-FOMS.
  • S-FOMS Self-Assessment – provides an automated scoring form for states to rate their family outcomes measurement system on the 15 quality indicators and associated elements and to set priorities for improvement.
  • S-FOMS Self-Assessment Guide – presents general guidance for the self-assessment process and detailed instructions on use of the Excel tool.

Published by: ECTA Center and DaSy Center