Local Child Outcomes Measurement System (L-COMS)

This 2017 resource provides a framework that identifies seven key components of a high-quality child outcomes measurement system at the local level. The L-COMS and two related resources were developed for local Part C and Part B 619/Preschool programs to evaluate their systems and to encourage and support efforts to improve those systems. The L-COMS and the two related resources are:

  • Local Child Outcomes Measurement System (L-COMS) – contains background information and the actual framework: the 7 components, 13 quality indicators and their associated elements of quality. It provides an easy way to review the content of the L-COMS.
  • L-COMS Self-Assessment – an Excel-based tool that provides a structure for local programs to record the current status of their child outcomes measurement system on the 13 quality indicators and associated elements, and to set priorities for improvement.
  • L-COMS Guide – contains general guidance for using the self-assessment and detailed directions on how to use the Excel tool.

Published by: ECTA Center and DaSy Center