Early Transition Data Listening Session: Exploring Transition Data Challenges, Strategies, and Methods

Conference: IDIO 2022
Date: August 23, 2022
Presenters: Sally Shepherd, Ruth Littlefield, Bruce Bull, Denise Mauzy, Thomas McGee, Sharon Lunn

This is the last in a series of stand-alone facilitated listening sessions provided by DaSy and ECTA focused on the transition from Part C to Part B, 619. Presenters shared resources and tools that may assist states as they improve their data processes and systems. This session allowed state coordinators and data managers to participate in discussions and hear from others about innovations, challenges, and current or planned processes related to transition data. Topics for discussion included data collection, linking, integration, and sharing, and how to use data processes and systems to meet IDEA reporting requirements related to Part C to Part B, 619 transition

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