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Data is a key resource in developing equitable pre-K systems

The Early Childhood Data Collaborative at Child Trends—with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—is developing a Pre-K Data Equity Framework (Framework) to improve the availability of actionable data. A data framework is a tool that can help pre-K decision makers identify, organize, and connect different types of data into a unified information data […]

Tools for Improving Child Find

Tools designed by DaSy and ECTA to support the collection, review, and improvement of child find systems including 618 data, including the OSEP Part B 619 Child Find Self-Assessment (CFSA), OSEP Part C Child Find Self-Assessment (CFSA), Part C Child Find Funnel Chart Tool, Identifying Meaningful Differences in Child Find Calculator, and Contributing Factor Tool.

Developing Data Sharing Arrangements between EHDI and Part C to Improve Early Identification and Services

Conference: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference Date: March 2022 Presenters: Haidee Bernstein, Karl White, Evelyn Shaw, Sharon Walsh The goal of this session was to help participants (1) Increase their understanding of the privacy requirements (e.g., under IDEA, FERPA and HIPAA) and important technical aspects needed to address data sharing, (2) Gain knowledge of data […]