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Linking EHDI and Part C Data Webinar

August 28, 2019 This interactive webinar highlights stories from Part C Coordinators who have or are developing collaborative data sharing agreements that allow them to share Part C data with their Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI). This webinar also allows participants to express their challenges and/or issues and as a group and brainstorm […]

CEDS Version 7.1 release

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The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently announced the release of the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Version 7 and enhancements to the CEDS tools. Version 7.1 spans P-20W (early learning through workforce). This minor release includes changes in response to feedback from the CEDS community after the version 7 release. In version 7.1 […]

How the DaSy Center Uses CEDS to Support States

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On November 7th, CEDS held a webinar on how various TA Centers Use CEDS to Support States. The presentation posted here includes only the slides that the DaSy Center presented, which documents how the DaSy Center specifically uses CEDS to support states. You can also view the recording of the full webinar, which includes other […]

Improving Programs through Data-Driven Decisions: The Journey From Critical Questions to Data Visualization

Conference: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Date: June 2016 Presenter: Colleen Murphy This session provides states with a roadmap for identifying, organizing, and visually displaying the data elements needed to answer state prioritized questions. This process is demonstrated using the Center for Early Childhood IDEA Data Systems (DaSy) Critical Questions and […]


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This presentation highlights the purpose and benefits of using Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). Published by Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Why CEDS? Presentation

CEDS 101

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This presentation introduces the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) project and provides information on the purpose of the projects, the parts of a CEDS Standard, and the tools for using and integrating the standards. Presented by Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS 101 Presentation

CEDS Version 4

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This 2013 set of voluntary data standards is the newest version of CEDS which includes additions to the early learning, K12, and post-secondary elements and expands CEDS into adult education and workforce. Published by: Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS Version 4