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Response Rate and Representativeness CalculatorĀ (2023)

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Compute response rates for your state’s family survey data and determine if the surveys you received are representative of the target population. The calculator uses a statistical formula to determine if two percentages (i.e., % of surveys received versus % of families in target population) should be considered different from each other. Enter the values by subgroup and the calculator will compute the statistical significance of the difference between the two percentages and highlight significant differences. Instructions about how to enter data into the calculator appear at the top of each tab.

The updated Family Outcome Representativeness Calculator has been revised and is available for use. Please note that revisions should not impact previous results.

Access the Response Rate and Representativeness Calculator.

Published by: the Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center

Originally published September 2015. Revised February 2023.