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Using Data from the Behavior Incident Report to Address Equity in Pyramid Model Programs: Guidance for State Leadership Teams

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This NCPMI and DaSy resource provides State Leadership Teams with guidance on the collection and analysis of behavior incident report data from programs. It aims to help Pyramid Model (PM) state leadership teams use Behavior Incident Report (BIR) data to guide program improvement to reduce challenging behaviors that result in the use of exclusionary discipline practices.

Data Inquiry Cycle

Data Inquiry Cycle graphic shows an iterative sequence of six stages: planning and design for data collection, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, dissemination, and taking action

This guide supports Part C and Part B 619 program staff in addressing equity considerations at each stage of the data inquiry cycle. The guide incorporates key components of the DaSy Data Systems Framework and the DaSy Racial Equity Statement that can help states, territories, and tribal governments move toward more equitable practices related to program access, supports and services, and outcomes.