Podcast: Using Data to Improve Early Childhood Equity

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How can states and territories leverage data to build stronger, more equitable systems for young children and families?

Host Kori Hamilton Biagas sits down with Howard Morrison, a national leader in early childhood education systems and data use, to examine the challenges – and opportunities – facing America’s early care and education systems.

Discover some evidence-based strategies for effective systems-building and improvement and learn how organizations like the DaSy Center are using data to improve programs and outcomes in states across the country.

Download the DaSy Center’s new guide, The DaSy Data Inquiry Cycle.


  • Howard Morrison serves as Early Childhood Technical Assistance Specialist with SRI Education. Connect with Howard and learn more about his work on his SRI Education webpage.
  • Kori Hamilton Biagas is a former Communications Program Manager with SRI Education. Learn more about Kori’s work and connect with her through her LinkedIn page.


April 2024