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Improving State Child Find Efforts Through Self-Assessment and Planning


Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s 34th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Disabilities Date: October 2018 Presenters: Brenda Wilkins, Jennifer Barrett-Zitkus, Margaret Gillis, Evelyn Shaw This session will provide an overview of State Child Find efforts and OSEP will share the Child Find Self-Assessment (CFSA) developed collaboratively with the OSEP Funded Technical Assistance Centers (DaSy and ECTA) […]

Examining Data to Identify Meaningful Difference

Data analysis is a key process for making data useful. Mistakes in analysis can cloud interpretation and distract from important results. In this session TA providers will discuss key considerations in selecting and using statistical analyses. The focus is on approaches to both describing data and making inferences from data, with specific attention on the […]

Better Together Linking Cross Program Agency Data to Improve Data and Outcomes

Data linking increases the capacity to answer important questions about early intervention and early childhood, creates administrative efficiencies and has the potential to improve program outcomes. This presentation includes linkages pursued, common data linking activities, strategies used, and tools available for this work that states and TA providers have used. Published by: DaSy Link to […]

Guidance for Implementing Effective Training and TA on the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process

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Presenters will provide an overview of the national resources that are available to support COS training and TA, and how they might be incorporated into ongoing professional development (PD). State presenters will share information about their COS PD systems, including how they are addressing critical staff knowledge and skill development needs and impacts of training […]

State learning opportunities from OSEP-funded TA centers

This year, OSEP-funded Early Childhood Technical Assistance (TA) Centers are offering a variety of new opportunities to build individual and state capacity around implementation of IDEA 0-5. This handy list can help as you consider which TA opportunities best fit your needs and priorities: Early Childhood IDEA Centers: 2018 NEW State Learning Opportunities

Extending the COS Process Module: Professional Development Activities

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These 2018 documents are intended to help states supplement and reinforce the information in the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process online learning module. Guidance for Preparing and Implementing Effective Training and TA contains all the information you will need to understand the sequence and suggestions for identifying an appropriate starting point in your professional development […]

Preparing and Supporting Staff to Participate in the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process

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Conference: 2017 OSEP Leadership Conference Date: July 2017 Presenters: Amy Nicholas This poster provides an overview of national professional development/technical assistance materials that can be used in training and staff support around the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process, including materials that offer opportunities for applied practice and competency assessment. It also includes two state examples […]