Data Visualization Toolkit: Infographics Tools

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Infographics quickly tell a story using data to a wide variety of audiences. This is information presented with context, intended to clarify not only what the data mean, but how they are relevant to the viewer.

Infographics Tools

Several free and low-cost online tools are available to develop high-quality and professional infographics. Read on to learn more about some of DaSy staff’s favorites. You can also access this blog for more information on comparing the available tools.


Venngage offers a variety of design tools. Like many design companies, it offers a few free templates to help users get started with specific tools. Upgrading to Premium ($15 to $19 per month) gives access to more templates and the ability to create more infographics. is an online website that offers free infographic templates as well. Its Public Visuals library includes over 2 million shared user infographics that can provide inspiration. The paid plan costs $3 per month.


Piktochart is another commercial vendor that offers a variety of design tools and offers a few free templates to help users get started with specific tools. They’re known for offering an intuitive user interface. You can “level up” for access to more templates for $15 or $29 per month.


Infogram is an online data visualization tool for creating charts, infographics, maps, and reports. With a free account, a user can create up to 10 projects, with three pages per project. Import data, publish the content online, and choose from different chart and map types. You can upgrade to “pro” for $19 a month, which offers downloadable versions of the completed design, a large map library, infographic analytics, and more.

Suggest Additional Tools or Resources

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