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Infographics for Impact

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The final of three 30 minute data visualization talks, this webinar focuses on how to effectively create and use infographics and answers 3 key questions: How can infographics be useful? What are some examples? What are tips for getting started? Presented by Abby Schachner, Elaine Mulligan, & Patrice Linehan in July 2017 Link to Recording […]

Powerful Presentations

The second of three 30 minute data visualization talks, this webinar focuses on effectively presenting data using animation and presentation tools. Presenters will walk the audience through the process of taking complex concepts and data and creating a fun, engaging animation and presentation. Presented by Kellen Reid, Sandy Grummick, & Valerie Arnold Link to Recording […]

Chart with Purpose

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In this first of three 30 minute data visualization talks, presenters defined data visualization and addressed 5 common pitfalls when creating charts: Not clearly articulating your message; beginning with the visualization technique vs. the data; misrepresenting your data; being dull; and forgetting about accessibility. Presented by Denise Mauzy and Kerry Belodoff in May 2017 Link […]

Demystifying the “D” Word: Making Data Meaningful for Families

Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s (DEC) 32nd Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families Date: October 2016 Presenters: Kerry Belodoff, Darla Gundler, Amy Nicholas, & Elizabeth Wise This presentation demonstrates the key uses for data in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and shares strategies for helping families feel more comfortable […]

Using the DaSy-NCSI Data Visualization Toolkit to Create Engaging and Effective Data Displays

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Conference: STATS-DC Date: July 2016 Presenters: Kerry Belodoff, Taletha Derrington, & Alice Ridgway This session introduces the new DaSy-NCSI Data Visualization Toolkit. The toolkit identifies key design principles, data considerations, and accessibility concerns that need to be addressed to effectively present data, and indentifies low cost/no cost data visualization tools. Link to Presentation

Improving Programs through Data-Driven Decisions: The Journey From Critical Questions to Data Visualization

Conference: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Date: June 2016 Presenter: Colleen Murphy This session provides states with a roadmap for identifying, organizing, and visually displaying the data elements needed to answer state prioritized questions. This process is demonstrated using the Center for Early Childhood IDEA Data Systems (DaSy) Critical Questions and […]