Data Visualization Toolkit: Resources

General Resources

The resources below were used to create the toolkit and are good supplements to the information found in it.

In this DaSy IDIO 2022 conference session, participants learned about best practices, tips, and tricks to sharpen their data visualizations with an emphasis on key equity considerations. The session included examples of effective data visualizations and a live demonstration in Microsoft Excel using early intervention/early childhood special education data.

Data Visualizations for Early Warning Systems
This video from the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) program provides a brief overview of core data visualization principles and offers specific practices for creating visualizations that clearly communicate actionable early warning system data.

Stephanie Evergreen’s website offers several helpful resources on data visualization. The Interactive Data Visualization Checklist allows you to rate your data visualization relative to 24 checkpoints, or research-based design guidelines. The checklist identifies strengths and areas for improvement. Her blogs highlight practical, research-based visualization and design approaches.

Emery’s Essentials
This online tool by Ann K. Emery can help determine which chart type is most appropriate for your data.

Attributes of a Good Data Display
These checklists provide a list of structural and functional attributes to consider when preparing data for presentation or distribution.

15 Creative Data Visualization Examples
You can find a wealth of interesting interactive visualizations online. If you’re feeling aspirational, check out this list of impressive custom visualizations.

Jonathan Schwabish’s video series explores case studies of different data visualization types with many different special guests.

A library of different information visualization types with explanations, examples, and tools for each.

This style guide contains guidelines based on data visualization best practices including typography, chart parts, and color.

Chart with Purpose
In this first of three 30 minute data visualization talks from the DaSy Center, presenters define data visualization and address five common pitfalls when creating charts.

Depict Data Studio Blog
This blog provides ideas and detailed instructions for selecting appropriate chart types, applying best practices to your charts, and more.

American Evaluation Association Data Visualization & Reporting TIG
This website offers resources, training, tools, and examples of effective data visualization.

Published December 2022.