Part C Fiscal Monitoring Indicators for State Lead Agencies

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Each Part C Lead Agency is responsible for the general administration and supervision of its early intervention system. This includes monitoring all early intervention service (EIS) providers on the implementation of IDEA programmatic and fiscal requirements, regardless of whether they receive Part C funds. In developing or improving their fiscal monitoring system, states must consider mechanisms and procedures that need to be in place to effectively monitor and enforce use of funds and the consistent implementation of fiscal requirements at the state level.

States also need to understand potential fiscal monitoring indicators that can be used to monitor EIS providers based on how their state system is structured.

Finally, states need to identify the fiscal indicators that will be used in monitoring early intervention service providers along with the corresponding data sources, the amount of data needed and the compliance criteria for making decisions about compliance or noncompliance.

This toolkit on Part C Fiscal Monitoring Indicators for State Lead Agencies includes:

  • State Part C fiscal indicators, with an accompanying checklist for reviewing fiscal policies and procedures;
  • potential EIS provider fiscal monitoring indicators states might use;
  • considerations for developing EIS provider fiscal monitoring indicators;
  • a template for outlining fiscal monitoring indicators; and
  • example EIS provider fiscal monitoring indicators.

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