Fiscal Data Trend Profile Template (2023)

This Fiscal Data Trend Profile Template (2023) works independently or with data entered into the Fiscal Data Profile Template (2018) to show budget by fund sources and expense trends over multiple years.

The DaSy Fiscal Data Trend Profile Template can import the raw fiscal data from previously completed Fiscal Data Profile Template (2018) or can be filled in directly with fiscal data for each local program to create two engaging and informative graphical displays, including analytical statements, on budget by fund source and total expenses by type, over time. The data visualizations from the original Fiscal Data Profile Template (2018), which displays fiscal data at a specific point in time, along with those in this template will provide a more complete and engaging picture of a Part C finance system. 

For a Part C system, the fiscal data profile depicts demographic, service delivery, infrastructure, and administrative data in a variety of ways to make the fiscal data more comprehensible to users. This 2023 Fiscal Data Trend Profile Template Excel tool converts raw program-level fiscal data that a state enters into more engaging and informative graphical displays (i.e., profiles) and analytical statements that can be used to facilitate budget development and management, conduct general supervision and garner political will.

Fiscal Data Profile Tool (Excel)
Tool Sample Data (Excel)
Fiscal Data Trend Profile Template Guidance (PDF)

Published January 2023.