Technical Assistance Follow-up Call on Identifying, Correcting and Reporting Noncompliance

January 3, 2020

Presentation Slides
OSEP Memo Regarding Reporting on Correction of Noncompliance in the SPP/APR
FAQ Regarding Identification and Correction of Noncompliance and Reporting on Correction in the SPP/APR

The ECTA Center and DaSy Center invited state Part C and 619 Coordinators and staff to participate in a follow-up TA call to discuss information shared by OSEP on December 16, 2019 on the identification and correction of noncompliance and the reporting of these data in the APR.

The TA call provided an opportunity for states to discuss the clarifications provided by OSEP and share strategies used in applying these requirements to their states’ general supervision and APR reporting activities.