Data Visualization Toolkit: Presentations Resources & Tools

Presentations Resources

Evergreen, S. (2014). Presenting data effectively. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. This general resource is packed with tips for designing effective presentations and reports.

Rule of Thirds PowerPoint slide template with the Rule of Thirds drawn in (Office 2010).

Jean-Luc Doumont’s Creating effective slides: Design, Construction, and Use in Science offers excellent principles for creating and delivering engaging presentations.

Geoff Hart’s Geoff Hart’s Speake’s Guide provides 10 pointers to keep in mind when developing a presentation.

Presentations Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely available presentation authoring tools. It includes a simple graphical menu of formatting options and design templates, but it can also be customized by advanced users. PowerPoint allows the presenter to create slides with text, images, charts and graphs, tables, audio, video, and hyperlinked text.

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Sway is the newest in the line of cloud-based Microsoft Office products and is available at no cost as an app on all Windows 10 devices. The tool is a hybrid presentation platform with similarities to both Prezi and PowerPoint. Users can create and share an array of interactive content ranging from video/photo journals to reports. This content can then be shared with all sorts of audiences and across all kinds of devices.

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Prezi is an online presentation tool that enables users to insert text and graphics along a large workspace or canvas. Viewers can navigate around the objects in a linear or non-linear manner by panning and zooming in and out of objects. Prezi allows for placement of videos, images, text, and other presentation media. See example Prezi.

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