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Using Family Survey Data to Measure and Improve Early Intervention Systems and Services

Conference: International Society on Early Intervention Conference
Date: June 2019
Presenters: Kathy Hebbeler and Christina Kasprzak

How do early intervention programs measure and improve outcomes for families served? This poster describes the survey methods used by the U.S. states, ten years of national family data, and the challenges and successes states have experienced with using family data to improve early intervention services. In the United States, state programs that provide early intervention services are required to collect, analyze and use family data. National data trends show the great majority of families indicate that early intervention has been helpful to them with knowing their rights, communicating their child’s needs, and helping their child develop and learn. Some states have opted to collect additional family data that dig deeper into family experiences and outcomes. When disaggregated, data show state and local level disparities in outcomes by family and program characteristics.

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