Part C Data During COVID-19: Navigating the Next Six Months Together

Amy NicholasAmy Nicholas
State Staff:
• Reyna Ambriz, Chief, Federal Programs Monitoring, CA
• Sharon DeRego, Part C Coordinator, CA
• Nathaniel Taleon, Chief, Federal Programs Monitoring, CA
• Maggie McCall, QA/Part C Data Manager, IN
• Barbara Simpson, Part C Data Manager, NC
Tony RuggieroTony Ruggiero
Sharon WalshSharon Walsh

Given the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, states have many challenges and questions about the collection, reporting, interpretation, and use of their Part C data. In this session, we will focus on supporting Part C leaders with addressing the next 6 months of federal and state data requirements. This session will include state sharing and small group breakout discussions on Annual Performance Report (APR) submissions for this year and in the future, 618 data collections, state legislative data requests, and data use for program management and operations.

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