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Closing Comments on IDIO 2020

Many thanks to all of our presenters, TA centers, the DaSy center, and our core planning team led by Kathryn Morrison and Ruth Littlefield who kept everything running on time. We also thank all the Part C and 619 coordinators the data managers, and the parent leaders, for everything that you do every day.

System Supports for Virtual Coaching

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states continue to provide Part C and 619 services online or via a hybrid model of remote and in-person. For programs that have moved to in-person, access is often limited to only children and staff. As a result, challenges have emerged in determining the best ways to provide practice-based coaching to support practitioners with the implementation of evidence-based practices.

Leadership: Purpose with Passion

Join a panel of state leaders who will share their roles in the development and pilot of the Part C and Part B/619 Leadership Initiative sponsored by the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC). Strengthening the knowledge and skills of the Part C and Part B 619 coordinators leads to enhanced effectiveness and retention of these critical state system leaders.