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Using the Preschool Development Grants (PDG) to Build Inclusive Systems

The Preschool Development Grants (PDG) present an opportunity for states to build more coordinated, inclusive state systems to better address the needs of all young children and their families including those with disabilities. Come learn about how Part C and Part B 619 state agencies are contributing to the PDG efforts in their states. This session also will provide opportunities to share and hear state plans, accomplishments, and challenges in using PDG to support improved services and outcomes for children with disabilities.

State Systemic Improvement Plans (SSIP): Where Do We Go From Here?

Considering SSIP modifications due to COVID-19? Planning statewide scale-up or thinking about how to sustain infrastructure and practice improvements proposed in your SSIP? Considering a new State Identified Measurable Result (SIMR) or implementing different evidence-based practices? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join this interactive session to begin planning how to assess your state’s SSIP, past and present, and consider the future of your SSIP.

Race Equity and Leadership: Working to Strengthen Our Leadership and Build More Equitable Systems

At this pivotal opportunity in history, we need strong leaders who are willing to ask tough questions, challenge the status quo, and call out biases and structural oppression. How can you become that kind of leader? This session is designed to inspire and support state Part C and Section 619 leaders in building their capacity to address issues of inequity in their systems.