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Recommendations for Re-Opening Face-to-Face Sessions for Inclusionary Preschools and Early Care Centers

ECTA Center and the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) created a resource to assist classroom practitioners, program directors, and administrators to design inclusive educational environments as early childhood education and early childhood special education programs re-open. Recommendations for Re-Opening Face-to-Face Sessions for Inclusionary Preschools and Early Care Centers

Reaffirming Key Early Childhood Practices During a Pandemic

ECTA Center hosted a series of discussions between Spring-Summer 2020 with teachers, providers, administrators, and families. This resource describes key aspects of appropriate, evidence-based early childhood practices during a pandemic. Presented in four general areas – family-centered service provision, partnering with families, maximizing the use of technology, and effective teaming and collaboration – the strategies […]

COVID-19 Family Resources

ECTA Center, an OSEP-funded early childhood TA center that DaSy collaborates with extensively, is designated as the national hub for COVID-19 information for families. This infographic helps families navigate the ECTA website to find COVID-19 resources and information to support their children’s learning and development. COVID-19 Family Resources

Determining A Child’s Eligibility for Early Intervention Services Remotely

Determining eligibllity

Included here are guidance, considerations, and resources for state staff and local practitioners who are determining Part C eligibility remotely. As a result of COVID-19, many states are having to determine a child’s eligibility for Part C services remotely using a variety of approaches such as teleconference, videoconference, and sharing information and video synchronously and […]

System Supports for Virtual Coaching

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states continue to provide Part C and 619 services online or via a hybrid model of remote and in-person. For programs that have moved to in-person, access is often limited to only children and staff. As a result, challenges have emerged in determining the best ways to provide practice-based coaching to support practitioners with the implementation of evidence-based practices.

COS Completion When Teams Can’t Meet In Person

COS Completion Considerations

This document is intended to assist teams conducting COS rating determination meetings using telecommunication devices such as phones and/or computers with or without video to have discussions with team members in different locations through teleconferencing. Although there are many advantages to in-person meetings, teleconferencing can be accomplished successfully with careful planning. COS Completion When Teams […]