Young boy with data whiteboard

Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Module: Collecting & Using Data to Improve Programs

This online learning module provides key information about the COS process, and the practices that contribute to consistent and meaningful COS decision-making. Over the course of multiple sessions, participants will learn about:

  • why child outcomes data are collected;
  • the key features of the COS process;
  • the essential knowledge needed to complete the COS process;
  • how the three child outcomes are measured through the process;
  • how to identify accurate COS ratings using a team-based process;
  • the importance of comparing children’s current functional performance to age-expected functioning;
  • when and how to measure progress in the three child outcome areas; and
  • how to document ratings and evidence to support those ratings in COS documentation.

The module is self-paced, so you may access it as often as desired.

Access the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Module

Published May 2015. Edited November 2021.