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A National Picture: Child Outcomes for FFY 2014-15

ECTA and DaSy Center staff along with several Part C and 619 state staff presented the national child outcomes data for FFY 2014-2015 and discussed state specific variation. The State Child Outcomes Data Quality Profiles, which provide an individualized analysis of a state’s data compared to national data, trends over time within the state, and criteria for inclusion in the national analysis, have been distributed to state Part C and 619 coordinators and are reviewed. State presenters representing different approaches to collecting child outcomes data discuss insights and efforts in their state related to child outcomes data quality. Key resources were also highlighted.

Presented by Abby Schachner, Cornelia Taylor, Debi Donelan, Susan Franck, and Nick Ortiz in November 2016

Webinar Presentation
Webinar Recording