Using Part C Family Outcomes Data to Examine Equity and Representativeness

Siobhan ColganSiobhan Colgan
• Thomas McGhee, Part C Local Program Director, NC
• Lauren Miller, Part C Data Analyst, NY
• Katie Reks, Part C Health Program Administrator, NY
• Justine Rogoff, Part C Data, NC
• Jessica Simmons, Part C Training, NY
• Bin Zhu, Part C Data Analyst, NY
Sherri WilliamsSherri Williams

In this session, presenters shared how they examine Family Outcomes representativeness using a self-assessment tool adapted using the Family Outcomes Measurement System Framework. They explained how the “Look-Think-Act” protocol and critical data questions can be used for the process of examining and strengthening representativeness.

This presentation can help Part C staff and other stakeholders gain strategies for identifying representativeness in response rates and how to ensure all families’ voices are represented in family survey data.

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