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Building Public Early Childhood Data Systems for a Multi-Ethnic Society: Issues and Opportunities

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This 2009 issue brief provides concrete strategies for states to undertake to assure that data systems collect the information needed to close the achievement gap by focusing on data systems that that recognize and value the diversity of their young child population. Published by: BUILD Initiative¬† Building Public Early Childhood Data Systems for a Multi-Ethnic […]

The Early Childhood Workforce Data Landscape

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Presenters: Mary Beth Bruder, Denise Mauzy, & Carlise King This 2013 presentation provides information about the importance of comprehensive workforce data collection and an overview of the primary sources of data at the state and regional level, including Part C, Section B 619, early childhood and trainer workforce registries, state teacher certification systems, and others. […]

Essentials of Data Operations: Getting Data into Your Data System (so you can use it)

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Presenters: Jim Campbell, Missy Cochenour, & Baron Rodriguez This 2013 presentation is primarily about the operations of a data system, including defining data elements, data collection, linkages, and analysis. In other words, how to successfully get data into your data system. Other areas of focus will include the advantages of interoperability, privacy and confidentiality considerations, […]

The Status of Part C Data Systems – 2013

This presentation provides an overview of selected findings from the 2013 ITCA national survey of Part C coordinators about data collection, infrastructure, security, validation, and analyses. Presented at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference in September 2013 The Status of Part C Data Systems

Preparing the Next Generation of Professionals to Use Child Outcomes Data to Improve Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education

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Conference: OSEP Project Directors Date: July 2013 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler & Lynne Kahn This presentation provides background information on the federal collection of child outcomes data and the state approaches including definitions of the three child outcomes and the metrics for reporting. Preparing the Next Generation of Professionals to Use Child Outcomes Data to Improve […]

Sharing is Good for Kids

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Conference: NERRC Meeting of the Part C Coordinators Date: April 2013 Presenter: Presented by Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation makes the case for why sharing, in terms of collecting, connecting, and using data, is good for kids. It outlines important questions about short and long-term outcomes for children and families who participate in Part C early […]