System Supports for Virtual Coaching

Katy McCulloughKaty McCullough
Phil StrainPhil Strain
PELE Center, University of Denver
• Ted Bovey, PELE Center, U. Denver
• Leslie Janes, EarlyEdU Alliance, U. Washington
• Susan Sandall, EarlyEdU Alliance, U. Washington
Catasha WilliamsCatasha Williams
UNC Chapel Hill

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states continue to provide Part C and 619 services online or via a hybrid model of remote and in-person. For programs that have moved to in-person, access is often limited to only children and staff. As a result, challenges have emerged in determining the best ways to provide practice-based coaching to support practitioners with the implementation of evidence-based practices. In this session, we will address virtual practice-based coaching and discuss the type of system supports that can facilitate ongoing implementation. Topic experts and state staff will share their successes and recommendations.

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