Race Equity and Leadership: Working to Strengthen Our Leadership and Build More Equitable Systems

Christina KasprzakChristina Kasprzak

• Kathleen Crabbs, CounterPart Consulting
• Sterling Freeman, CounterPart Consulting
• Dawn Meskil, Part B/619 Coordinator, North Carolina
• Cat Tamminga, Part C Coordinator, Minnesota

At this pivotal opportunity in history, we need strong leaders who are willing to ask tough questions, challenge the status quo, and call out biases and structural oppression. How can you become that kind of leader? This session is designed to inspire and support state Part C and Section 619 leaders in building their capacity to address issues of inequity in their systems. Sterling E. Freeman and Kathleen Crabbs of CounterPart Consulting, a nationally recognized firm that partners with organizations to infuse a racial equity throughout their cultures, will provide information about approaching leadership with an explicit racial equity lens. Dawn Meskil, NC Section 619 Coordinator, and Cat Tamminga, MN Part C Coordinator, will provide their personal insights and experiences related to building individual capacity as well as building more equitable early intervention and preschool special education systems for all children and families.

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