Screen shot of slide w/map of states integrating outcomes into IEP and IFSP

How to Successfully Integrate the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process into the IFSP Process as a SSIP Implementation Activity

Presenters: Ardith Ferguson (NCSI), Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), Beth Tolley (Infant and Toddler Connection of VA DBHDS), & Naomi Younggren (Department of Defense Army, Educational and Developmental Intervention Program)

This session discusses key steps in successful implementation of strategies to integrate the COS process and rating into the IFSP process and resources that provide suggestions for measuring progress. Directors from two Part C programs engaged in these efforts share their successes and challenges and provide recommendations to others on infrastructure and practice changes.

Presentation: How to Successfully Integrate the COS Process into the IFSP Process
Handout: Resource List Handout