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The Importance of a Strong Infrastructure in Providing Evidence-Based Early Intervention Practices

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Conference: International Society on Early Intervention Conference Date: June 2019 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler, Grace Kelly, Christina Kasprzak, Megan Vinh Many in early intervention (EI) have a deep understanding of service delivery and evidence-based practices but remain unaware of the critical role played by the system in which these services are embedded.  Infrastructure refers to the basic […]

Evaluating Infrastructure Tips for Laying a Solid Foundation for Systems Improvement

States should always evaluate their system improvement efforts when shoring up state infrastructure to support practices intended to improve results for children and families – for SSIP or other initiatives. This presentation contains concrete, practical approaches to align indicators and measurement with outcomes, outputs and impacts. It also contains information on how to increase understanding […]

SSIP Evaluation Workshops: Introductory Webinar

This webinar introduced an exciting opportunity to participate in two online workshop series for Part C and Part B 619 program staff: evaluating infrastructure improvements, and evaluating early intervention/early childhood special education practice change and fidelity. Each workshop series will involve hands-on work and offer concrete strategies for improving or fine-tuning your SSIP evaluation plan. […]

Tools for SSIP Evaluation – System Framework and Benchmarks of Quality (April 2015)

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This presentation provides practical suggestions and guidance to help states begin their evaluation work. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and use tools for (1) building their evaluation team and (2) measuring improvements to system infrastructure. Published by: IDC Tools for SSIP Evaluation: System Framework and Benchmarks of Quality IDC Resource Library on […]

SSIP Phase II Process Guide

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The focus of Phase II of the SSIP is on building state capacity to support Early Intervention Service (EIS) programs and/or EIS providers with the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) that will lead to measurable improvement in the State-identified Measurable Result(s) (SIMR) for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. The SSIP Phase II […]

How to Successfully Integrate the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process into the IFSP Process as a SSIP Implementation Activity

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Presenters: Ardith Ferguson (NCSI), Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), Beth Tolley (Infant and Toddler Connection of VA DBHDS), & Naomi Younggren (Department of Defense Army, Educational and Developmental Intervention Program) This session discusses key steps in successful implementation of strategies to integrate the COS process and rating into the IFSP process and resources that provide suggestions […]

Unpacking Inclusion: A System’s Framework Perspective

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Presenters: Kathy Whaley (DaSy, ECTA), Kristina Doan (IL State Board of Education), & Ann Kremer (Early CHOICES) This session discusses the complex process of increasing high quality early childhood inclusive practices. The ECTA Center System Framework is a tool that examines state infrastructure along different components and can support the recommendations of the joint HHS […]

Exploring Early Childhood Funding Streams & Resources to Build Infrastructure & Implementation

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Conference: IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP Date: Spring 2015 Presenters: Katy McCullough & Grace Kelley This gallery session engages states to build on their existing infrastructure analysis by briefly reviewing specific federal, state, and local funding streams and initiatives that may support improvements to be made to their state infrastructure. States […]

Exploring Early Childhood Funding Streams and Resources to Build Infrastructure Capacity and Support Implementation

Conference: IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP Date: Spring 2015 Presenters: Grace Kelley & Katy McCullough This presentation offers information about how to leverage federal, state, and local funding streams and initiatives that may support improvement to state infrastructure for implementation of the SSIP. Presentation: Exploring Early Childhood Funding Streams and Resources