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Collaboration through Information Sharing: Building Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems

Conference: Head Start’s 12th National Research Conference on Early Childhood
Date: July 2014
Presenters: Jennifer Tschantz, Missy Cochenour, Donna Spiker, Lynne Kahn, Kathleen Hebbeler, Lauren Barton, & Suzanne Raber

These presentations are part of a symposium that describes the national landscape of federal investments and resources to develop integrated and longitudinal state level data systems. The presentations share results from a national study on the status of state EC data systems and also discuss challenges and opportunities of ECIDS for researchers.

Introduction & Early Childhood Data Systems: National Research Opportunities
A National Look at Statewide Data Systems from the Perspective of IDEA Early Childhood Programs
The Power and Challenges of Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems: Implications for Researchers