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State Data Systems and Critical Questions about Personnel

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Conference: Early Childhood Personnel Center’s Cross-Cohort Leadership Institute Date: September 2017 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation provides information on the importance of state data systems in answering critical policy and program questions about the early childhood workforce. State Data Systems and Critical Questions about Personnel

The Importance of Personnel Data

Conference: OSEP Virtual Leadership Date: February 2016 Presenter: Donna Spiker This 2016 presentation was one of the 4 included in the 2016 OSEP Virtual Leadership Conference Foundational Pre-Work Creating Systems of Effective Personnel Development Session. It explores what it means to have a high-quality personnel development system and highlights practices that are being used to […]

CEDS Version 4

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This 2013 set of voluntary data standards is the newest version of CEDS which includes additions to the early learning, K12, and post-secondary elements and expands CEDS into adult education and workforce. Published by: Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS Version 4

CEDS Connect Tool

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This tool allows users to find and create “Connections” among data elements to address practical applications across the P-20W environment, for example, answering policy questions, calculating metrics and indicators, and reporting to the federal government. Currently, the tool addresses four policy questions in early learning. CEDS Connect Tool

Workforce Information: A Critical Component of Coordinated State Early Care and Education Data Systems


This 2011 policy brief examines the early care and education workforce data landscape across the states, focusing on the three main workforce data systems operating across the states and also examines the challenges and efforts to align these systems. Published by: Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) Workforce Information: A Critical Component of […]

Collaboration through Information Sharing: Building Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems

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Conference: Head Start’s 12th National Research Conference on Early Childhood Date: July 2014 Presenters: Jennifer Tschantz, Missy Cochenour, Donna Spiker, Lynne Kahn, Kathleen Hebbeler, Lauren Barton, & Suzanne Raber These presentations are part of a symposium that describes the national landscape of federal investments and resources to develop integrated and longitudinal state level data systems. […]

Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Conference: National Registry Alliance Meeting Date: October 2013 Presenters: Denise Mauzy & Missy Cochenour This 2013 presentation discusses the importance of including IDEA programs and services in states’ registries and reviews standards and tools that support states’ efforts. Data Partnerships to Ensure that Professionals Who Work with Children with Special Needs are Represented