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DEC Child Maltreatment Paper Four Years Later: Where are We Now?

Conference: Division for Early Childhood’s (DEC) 36th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families Date: January 2021 Presenters: Evelyn Shaw, Haidee Bernstein, Sharon Walsh, Anita Leis, Lori Wittemann, and Ann Freiburg DEC’s 2016 position paper on child maltreatment encourages collaboration between child welfare and early intervention. States are using data […]

Improving Outcomes for Young Children with Disabilities: Early Intervention and Early Childhood Cross-System Collaboration

Conference: Administration for Children and Families’ National Research Conference Date: July 2016 Presenters: Laura Hudson, Taletha Derrington, & Abby Schachner This poster provides a summary of a study that described the reported collaboration and partnerships between EI and other EC programs as part of the planning and improvement process in each individual state. Poster: Improving […]

Cross-System Collaboration and Data Sharing in Alaska: Increasing Service Access for Maltreated Infants and Toddlers

Conference: Administration for Children and Families National Research Conference on Early Childhood Date: July 2016 Presenters: Taletha Derrington, Haidee Bernstein, Lisa Balivet, & Kenneth Smith This poster presents lessons learned from Alaska’s efforts which increased the number of maltreated infants and toddlers who were referred to and enrolled in Part C Early Intervention (EI) programs […]

Early Intervention and Home Visiting State Systems: Partners in the Making

Conference: Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) Date: February 2016 Presenters: Abby Winer Schachner, Lauren Barton, Traci Shizu Kutaka, & Grace Kelley This poster provides an overview of a study on the reported collaboration between Early Intervention and Home Visiting as part of a systemic state planning and improvement process. Poster: Early Intervention […]

Collaboration through State Systemic Improvement Planning: Working together to improve outcomes for young children with disabilities

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Conference: Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Date: October 2015 Presenters: Grace Kelley, Kathi Gillaspy, Brenda Sharpe This presentation provides an overview of States collaboration across broader early childhood system to implement their State Systemic Improvement Plans (SSIP). Collaboration through State Systemic Improvement Planning: Working together to improve outcomes for young children with disabilities

Using Data in Multi-Agency Collaborations: Guiding Performance to Ensure Accountability and Improve Programs


This 2012 report is designed to help collaborating organizations anticipate and address the most common challenges associated with multi-agency performance management and electronic data collection systems, offering practical advice including clarifying the purpose of the collaboration and of the data collection effort, determining what data to collect, and choosing a system to use. Published by: Child […]