Leadership: Purpose with Passion

Mary Beth BruderMary Beth Bruder
• Alicia Amundson, Arizona Part C
• Jenn Kaufmann, Rhode Island Part C Coordinator
• Suzie Perry, Arizona 619 Coordinator
• Sue Thomas, Minnesota 619 Coordinator
Darla GundlerDarla Gundler
Maureen GreerMaureen Greer

Join a panel of state leaders who will share their roles in the development and pilot of the Part C and Part B/619 Leadership Initiative sponsored by the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC). Strengthening the knowledge and skills of the Part C and Part B 619 coordinators leads to enhanced effectiveness and retention of these critical state system leaders. Learn how state coordinators can use the knowledge and skills gained through the leadership initiative to enhance the quality of their state system and identify a capstone project that they will complete within 1 year.

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