Using the Preschool Development Grants (PDG) to Build Inclusive Systems

Kathleen HebbelerKathleen Hebbeler
DaSy Center Co-Director
• Susan Connor, Early Intervention Program, IL
• Kristy Doan, Part B/619 Coordinator, IL
• Ann Freiburg, Part C Coordinator, IL
• Janette Guerra, Maryland Dept of Education
• Noel Kelty, Part C Coordinator, MI
• Ann Kremer, Project Director, Early Choices ISBE
• Lori Orr, Office of Early Childhood Development, IL
• Lisa Wasacz, Part B/619 Coordinator, MI
Richard GonzalesRichard Gonzales
Administration for Children, Youth and Families
Mary PetersMary Peters

The Preschool Development Grants (PDG) present an opportunity for states to build more coordinated, inclusive state systems to better address the needs of all young children and their families including those with disabilities. Come learn about how Part C and Part B 619 state agencies are contributing to the PDG efforts in their states. This session also will provide opportunities to share and hear state plans, accomplishments, and challenges in using PDG to support improved services and outcomes for children with disabilities.

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