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Using Critical Questions to Drive System Improvement In Early Intervention

Conference: International Society on Early Intervention Conference
Date: June 2019
Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler

Good early intervention systems are built around strong infrastructure and consistent implementation of evidenced-based practices.  System leaders need ongoing access to high quality data to know that the infrastructure is strong and that high-quality practices are being implemented.  To support states in building and using quality data, a national technical assistance center in the U.S. developed a list of “critical questions” that early intervention program leaders should ask and be able to answer about their programs.  These questions include basic questions such as how many children are served as well as more complex questions such as “what is the relationship between the services provided and child outcomes?”  Child and family, practitioner, and program-level questions are addressed.  This poster describes the contents of the critical questions and shows how they can be used to help program leaders build or improve data systems and overall program infrastructure.

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