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SSIP Stakeholders: The Right People, The Right Purpose, The Right Plan

Presenters: Amy Nicholas (DaSy), Tracy Turner (AR Division of Devevelopmental Disabilities), Yvonne Greene (AR Dept of Education), Ravyn Hawkins (AR Division of Developmental Disabilities), Sharon DeRego (CA Department of Developmental Services), Sharon Ringwalt (ECTA, IDC), Aileen McKenna (CT Birth to Three), Kristen Williams (CT Parent Advocacy Center), Wendy Studt (MT Dept Public Health & Human Services), & Laura McKee (Interagency Coordinating Council)

This session includes state presenters sharing their experiences to-date and describing their plans for stakeholder engagement in SSIP Phase III. Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and collaborative problem solving were provided through roundtable discussions facilitated by state Part C and 619 staff, as well as SSIP TA providers.

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