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Family Data Leaders Advance States’ Efforts

Multiple family voices at the table are essential. Family members will reveal unseen successes, barriers, issues, or problems. They will suggest and recommend improvements. They will define and celebrate successes. With well-supported and compensated Family Data Leaders with flexible opportunities for input, states and local programs can better meet goals with and for children and families. Don’t miss out on family members’ voices and expertise.

DaSy Dynamic Impact

Improving programs and changing systems can be hard, DaSy Dynamic Impact is an easy-to-use approach that provides a consistent, successful, and sustainable process to support your team.

Promoting Equity in Access to Part C Using Child Find

In this session, participants learned about three Office of Special Education Programs-funded Child Find Model Demonstration projects and approaches to working with states and communities to improve child find systems and promote equity in access to Part C. Presenters highlighted three models for child find and discuss how stakeholder engagement and data can enhance system improvement efforts.

Preparing for Target Setting with Stakeholders

If you work in Part C and 619 you know that, this year, every state must set targets for Part C and 619 performance through 2025. These targets must be submitted in the FFY 2020 SPP/APR due February 1, 2022. States should aim for achievable and rigorous targets. What are achievable and rigorous targets?

Dabbling in the Data

This resource is an introductory guide with activities to engage stakeholders in understanding data analysis and using data. The activities use practical examples of data readily available in everyday life […]