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Preparing for Target Setting with Stakeholders

If you work in Part C and 619 you know that, this year, every state must set targets for Part C and 619 performance through 2025. These targets must be submitted in the FFY 2020 SPP/APR due February 1, 2022. States should aim for achievable and rigorous targets. What are achievable and rigorous targets?

Dabbling in the Data

This resource is an introductory guide with activities to engage stakeholders in understanding data analysis and using data. The activities use practical examples of data readily available in everyday life to explain data analysis concepts such as mean, median, trend data, and qualitative data concepts. Dabbling in the Data

Preparing for Your Next Virtual Stakeholder Meeting

November 16, 2020 How do you facilitate data discussions in your virtual stakeholder meetings? Do you use Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Web Ex, or any of the other popular platforms? With so many options available, this webinar will support you to effectively use your technology ecosystem (platform and features) to plan and facilitate your next […]

Engaging stakeholders in home visiting data integration efforts

This resource is a 7-page brief that describes a 3-step approach for engaging diverse stakeholders (e.g, families, home visiting model developers, providers, researchers, legislators) in creating a process for integrating home visiting data with other early childhood programs. The brief also contains several additional resources to use in the process and for communicating about data […]