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Welcome to the Early Childhood Data University (EC Data U)! We’re glad you’re here to build your knowledge and skills!

EC Data U provides an online learning experience that fits your busy schedule. The content is streamlined to focus on relevant data components. You can access content in different formats, with reflection and application exercises as well as links to supplemental resources. Some elements are synchronous, meaning you can choose to attend live presentations, workshops, or discussion sessions. But many elements are asynchronous, meaning you can complete them at your own pace, at a time that works best for you.

EC Data U is intended for all data users, from an experienced Part C coordinator with a thorough knowledge of data management, to a data manager just starting a new role. The content in EC Data U is closely tied to the Data Leadership Competencies, which the DaSy Center developed to support Part C and Part B 619 staff in acquiring the knowledge and skills required to be effective data leaders. EC Data U provides resources and support to help data users grow in competencies they have not become proficient in yet.

You can use EC Data U either independently or as a part of a professional development plan to build the capacity of state staff, providers, family members, and all other users. You can identify necessary professional development and then find EC Data U content to build capacity.

What is contained in this resource?

EC Data U has three paths, Data Foundations, Data Analysis, and Data Use & Sharing. These paths assist you in finding information, activities, and other resources to increase your knowledge and understanding of Part C and Part B 619 program data and other data-related topics. Each path includes topics that are connected to the Data Leadership Competencies.

A path is a way to get from one place to another. You can walk an entire path, or you can stop and turn around at any time. EC Data U is set up similarly. You can look at all the information, activities, and resources on one path. Or you can jump from path to path, selecting the content that best suits your needs at a specific point in time.

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