DaSy-developed brief videos designed to help early childhood state personnel to develop and enhance data systems. Each of our videos is captioned for 508 accessibility. Feel free to share them with your colleagues.

2018 Videos

Introduction to Self-Assessment Comparison ToolIntroduction to Self-Assessment Comparison Tool

This 2018 video is designed to help you get starting with using the Excel-based Self-Assessment Comparison Tool to examine changes over time in the implementation of the ECTA and DaSy System Frameworks. This 5 minute video offers instructions and demonstrations ...
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2017 Videos

Supporting Children By Improving Family OutcomesSupporting Children By Improving Family Outcomes

All programs that serve young children and their families can improve outcomes for children by making a difference for their families. This video describes the importance of supporting families, collecting data on family outcomes, and using the data to improve ...
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Framework Self-Assessment Tool Demonstration VideoFramework Self-Assessment Tool Demonstration Video

This 2017 video is designed to show you how to complete the self-assessment for the ECTA System Framework which includes the DaSy Data System component. This 14 minute video offers detailed instructions and demonstrations of the tool. Time ...
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2016 Videos

Perspectives on Data UsePerspectives on Data Use

This video collection offers 5 short (2- to 3-minute) videos of key data system stakeholders describing how they use data. View data perspectives from a Part C Coordinator, Early Intervention Ombudsman, Parent, Early Childhood Special Education Supervisor, and Part C ...
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Building for the Future (Part 1): Data System EnhancementsBuilding for the Future (Part 1):  Data System Enhancements

This 5-minute video features insights from state coordinators and data managers and DaSy experts on why and how to enhance existing early childhood data systems.
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Building for the Future (Part 2): A Focus on SustainabilityBuilding for the Future (Part 2):  A Focus on Sustainability

This 5-minute video spotlights one state’s decision-making process for identifying enhancements to its early childhood data system.
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