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Welcome to the DaSy Center. This section of the website is for families of young children who want to know more about early intervention and preschool special education data.

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Did you know that programs collect data on the children and families they serve, and the services provided? Some of this information is collected for local program use. Some of it is collected for and used by the state. Why do they collect this information? What do they do with it?


Data are collected and can be used to:

  • Help programs help children achieve good outcomes (see ECTA).
  • Help programs improve their services.
  • Show policy makers that services make a difference for children and families.

As a parent of a child receiving services, you have the right to know what your program is collecting. Data are a powerful tool. You want programs to have the tools they need to provide effective services. You also want to make sure that information about your child and family is protected. Federal laws address how data on your child must be handled. What questions should you ask about the data? What are your rights?


The DaSy Center provides resources to help families understand why data are important. We want to help families ask good questions about data. We want to help families partner with program staff to set directions based on data. Check out our Data Resources for Families page and our Stakeholder Knowledge Toolkit!

Every State has at least one Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) to offer families information about disabilities, early intervention, school services, local policies, transportation, and more. Our friends at the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) offer an interactive map with links to federally-funded parent centers in each state and territory.

Do you have ideas or suggestions to share?

DaSy Center staff can answer your questions and/or connect you to information. If you have a resource to share or need information or support, please contact the DaSy Center.