Part C Data Managers – a MyDaSyTA Learning Community

The Part C Data Managers Community is a MyDaSyTA learning community for sharing questions and expertise with each other. Equally informative and collaborative, we share OSEP and PSC updates, DaSy and ECTA resources, and conference updates. Joining this community provides both new and experienced data managers with the latest tools and materials, ensuring that community members never miss a beat!

New to the Part C Data Manager role? DaSy also offers individual orientations that provide an overview of federal IDEA data collection and reporting requirements, including 618 data and EMAPS submissions, the Annual Performance Report, public reporting requirements and related DaSy and ECTA technical assistance resources. For more information about individual orientations, contact:

How to Join this Community

If you already have a MyDaSyTA account, you can log in and request to join the Part C Data Managers Community.

If you don’t have a MyDaSyTA account yet, you can request to join MyDaSyTA and select the option to join the Part C Data Managers Community during the signup process.

For more information, contact:

Published April 2021.